The tarogato has existed in its present form since the late 19th century. Master instrument maker József Schunda Vencel, who also developed the concert cimbalom, transformed the instrument in his Budapest workshop from a simple shawm to a Bb single-reed instrument with a conical bore, octave mechanism and chromatic keywork. The tarogato quickly became popular and was soon produced by numerous instrument manufactories in the early 20th century. Manufacturers included Mogyorósi, Pliverics, Reményi, Schunda, Stowasser, and Sternberg. Although the second world war put an end to production of the instrument, in recent years it has been rebounded and is now widely used in folk, jazz, and classical music all around the world.


I am József Tóth. I make and repair woodwind instruments. In addition to producing professional tarogatos, I also repair woodwinds such as oboes, english horns, and bassoons. To learn more about my activities and background, select the 'About me' item from the menu.